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Murdoch’s Soliloquy (inspired by #Shakespeare4Murdoch)

Last Saturday’s trending #Shakespeare4Murdoch hashtag sent me to Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” speech looking for a good line to pirate… but in the end the whole thing seemed to want to be included.  (Sorry this is not … Continue reading

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Review: London Road, National Theatre

Seen: 28 May 2011 Score: 4.5 stars (Cabe) 5 stars (Caroline) This weekend I had the unique experience of getting all teary at the sight of a particularly nice hanging garden. This may just indicate that I’m becoming increasingly English, … Continue reading

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Our guest post on the ‘On Culture’ blog: “This week’s cultural inspirations”

Anyone who reads this blog knows we often follow the lead of our friend Aliceson Robinson, who has a business called Nine Muses which serves as a “cultural concierge” for personal and business clients. In other words, she does this … Continue reading

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Preview: Flare Path, Theatre Royal Haymarket, May 2011

Just booked tickets to “Flare Path” in London for a couple months from now. It’s a romance set during WWII, involving at least one bomber pilot and at least one stalwart-but-torn woman, out of I think a total of two … Continue reading

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Review: Tips on enjoying Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More in NYC

This weekend we saw “Sleep No More” in New York.  This is a show by the UK theatre group Punchdrunk – well, more of an experience than a show.  They have taken over a hotel in Chelsea, and over 2-3 … Continue reading

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Review: The Adjustment Bureau (with bonus Londoners’ Appendix incl the Everyman Cinema and Canteen)

We saw The Adjustment Bureau last weekend – the night it opened in London, in fact – and I thought it was great.   This is not solely because it gives some screen time to FOTF (Friend of the Factory) Joel … Continue reading

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Review: The Children’s Hour is a Very Bad Play

Internet users of a certain age will remember a Powerpoint presentation that went around about a dozen years ago called something like “The Doubletree is a Very Bad Hotel.” It was funny because it stated, without rancor, and with the … Continue reading

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