We are serial recommenders, and we consume a lot of media/food/wine, so thought we’d set up this page to give some structure and corporeality to our thoughts about what we’ve seen/eaten/drunk.   Much of what we do is theatre, and given the short stage life of many things, by the time we’ve happened into a conversation on what we’ve seen lately, the show has closed.  Hopefully this will help some of our family and friends see more good things (and avoid some misfires).

We are also posting what we have coming up, in a blatant attempt to get our friends to come see things with us – hopefully some of you will subscribe to the posts, and then you’ll see when we’ve just gotten tickets to something, and you can decide whether or not it sounds like your kind of thing.   That’s what we’re hoping for most, to be honest, so please don’t make all this blogging be in vain… just over there on the right, click “Sign me up!”.  Excellent.


4 Responses to Why?

  1. Can’t believe I had to *happen* upon this. Oi! Did I miss some sort of opp to subscribe to you 2 secret bloggers. Or maybe – no secret at all, am just
    Late to the game!

  2. audree fletcher says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I was wondering if you’ve seen this yet?
    It’s a good cause *and* a great source of food for a couple of serial culture consumers like you and Cabe.



    P.S. Hope you’re still one of the happiest people I know :)

    • Cazbah says:

      Thanks very much Audree, I had not seen this and I’m really glad to know about it. I’m a fan of crowdsourced funding because of the wider participation that it encourages, and used Kickstarter to help support 3 projects last year, but they were all international efforts and I’m thrilled to see something more UK focused. I will be signing up!

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