Preview: Translunar Paradise, Barbican, 17-21 Jan 2012

Even by our standards, our trip to the Edinburgh festival was a little ridiculous.  We arrived on Friday afternoon, and by Sunday afternoon had seen 19 of the 22 shows we had booked.  (We would have seen 21 of them, but for unfortunate queue and bouncer malfunctions.)  And out of that lively mass of artistic effort, Theatre Ad Infinitum’s ‘Translunar Paradise’ still stood out enough to be the clear favourite for both Cs. Billed as a story about ‘life, death, and enduring love’, it was a truly unusual and moving piece of theatre done through the medium of mime, movement and music.  Within a few minutes I had forgotten that there were no words.  I have never seen so much personality and emotion conveyed through so little – a shrug, a glance, a mask, a push from the accordion. I don’t say this lightly: it was beautiful.

Perhaps you’re now shaking your head and saying “you crazy experimental kids, that’s not for me I’m afraid”.  But we’re not the only ones who thought it special.  It has won six awards in its travels around Europe and regional theatres. It sold out in Edinburgh, and this very new theatre company has managed to secure a 5-day run for the show at the Barbican early next year (17-21 January 2012). It’s about time that London caught up; do go if you can.

Booking opens on the Barbican website on 14 November:
In the meantime you can find out more about the show at:

‘An extraordinary performance. Translunar Paradise so moved me (and plenty of others in the oft-sniffling audience) because of its uniquely devastating method, prompting thoughts about bereavement, never cheapening its subject by attempting to describe the indescribable’.  Observer

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