Preview: Flare Path, Theatre Royal Haymarket, May 2011

Sienna waits for Sky to be invented so the men will have something else to do besides guffaw at each other

Just booked tickets to “Flare Path” in London for a couple months from now. It’s a romance set during WWII, involving at least one bomber pilot and at least one stalwart-but-torn woman, out of I think a total of two couples.  It may be two bomber pilots and two stalwart women.

This one has Sienna Miller in it, and I had sworn off starlet-driven shows after the Children’s Hour debacle.  But:

A) It got a four-star review in The Week, which almost never happens – the last one I can recall was the Hamlet at the National Theatre back in October or November.  (If not clear, The Week is a magazine which sums up the news of the week by citing what other publications wrote – in the reviews section this is essentially like a Rotten Tomatoes for theatre; four stars means almost every or every major reviewer raved about it.)  And

B) It also stars Sheridan Smith, who is apparently very good.  She just won an Olivier Award for Best Actress in Legally Blonde, which I confess I missed – I had heard she was amazing and the musical was good but could never quite bring myself to do it.  So I’m glad to have the chance to check her out in something else.

So you can count on getting an update on the future of the starlet(s)-driven play, as perceived by at least one C, here by the end of May.

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