Preview: One-on-One Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, 9 April

This caused a big splash when it ran last year – it is a series of short “theatrical experiences” which are experienced one audience member at a time.  As in, you, the audience member walk into a room, and there may be one performer in there or there may be twenty, and whatever the show is, you are the only one it’s being performed for, for the ten or twenty minutes it runs for.  Most of them are interactive, so you help shape the show, e.g. the performers ask you questions and then they take the show in a direction based on your answers.

The reviews of the first one were generally along the lines of “this is exhilarating, of course some of it doesn’t quite work, but it is an edgy thing to try to pull off.  And when it works it is fantastic.”  I didn’t rush to buy tickets to the first one, but I’m glad it’s back – they seem to have refined the concept (so you get to pick which “menu” you go for – generally 3-4 shows that total 60-90 mins) and booking early meant we could plan to go with good friends and then meet up afterwards to talk about what we liked.

It is only on for a couple weeks, and we are going towards the end of it (evening of 9 April) – if you’re interested in going anytime in the run, book now, it will certainly sell out.

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