Preview: The Night Shift, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 4 May

This is meant to be “classical music with an edge” – or “without rules” – or some such.  It is a solid, upstanding orchestra, but these gigs is meant to be extremely casual – the conductor chats with the audience about what’s going to happen next, you can get up and go to the bar and sit with your drinks while watching the show, you can talk to your friend during the show if you’re moved to, etc.  The pictures make the whole scene look like a blues bar, but instead of the four-piece band crowded around the piano on a smoky, neon-lit stage, there’s an orchestra.

I don’t love live classical music, but this seems like it will be different – there are all the factors mentioned above, as well as the fact that one of the two testimonial quotes they have on the website is: “Amazing value. I can’t believe it’s only 4 pounds with a free beer. Brilliant night.”

Finally, there’s the fact that it starts at 10pm on a Tuesday – so I expect it will be full of hipsters, and who doesn’t like hipsters.

They will be “Featuring Schubert’s dark and enigmatic 4th Symphony” and tickets remain, so maybe we’ll see some of you there.

More info at:

PS I also just realised this was another Aliceson Robinson recommendation – her take was “The OAE runs The Night Shift, a 1 hour, late night orchestra session where the music is broken down before it is played and guests are encouraged to wander about, bring in drinks, etc. It really works and the average age appears to be in the mid-twenties.”  Apparently we all love the hipsters!

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