Preview: Becky Shaw at the Almeida, 26 Feb (matinee)

We are going to see this play at the Almeida in a few weeks – it caught my eye because a) it got three stars in The Week and b) it’s at the Almeida which is a reliable theatre in a fun part of town (Angel).  Also tickets at the Almeida are in the £25 range…so lower stakes than the Keira Knightly/Elizabeth Moss show which I’m embarrassed to admit were three times that.

The website copy is below – the plot worries me a bit, but the NYT review back in 2009 said “Gina Gionfriddo’s corker of a new play, “Becky Shaw,” is as engrossing as it is ferociously funny” which is fairly positive for them.

Almeida: “From the moment that Becky arrives overdressed for her blind date with straight-talking Max, it’s clear the evening won’t go to plan. Gina Gionfriddo’s play is a biting American comedy that enjoyed massive success Off-Broadway in 2009.”

I’ve also just discovered in Googling to write this post that the play was a finalist for a Pulitzer.  And, I just found the Telegraph’s review of the current production, which says “This production, with a sharp funny script and superb acting, is the most enjoyable thing Charles Spencer has seen for a long time.”  So – cautiously optimistic.  Join us if you can!

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One Response to Preview: Becky Shaw at the Almeida, 26 Feb (matinee)

  1. Aliceson says:

    I am going on Monday. I have heard very good things about how funny it is. Although one friend reported some disgust from those around her as ‘this isn’t quite Shakespeare darling is it?’. Sounds like my kind of thing. I also love the Almeida across the road, even better if you have a big group and can take their semi-private room which is beautiful. Enjoy!!

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