Preview: The Children’s Hour, Comedy Theatre, 1 Mar

We are seeing a matinee of the new Keira Knightly / Elizabeth Moss / Ellen Burstyn / Carol Kane show, “The Children’s Hour”, on 1 Mar.  [Note this date has shifted; our original tickets were for 19 Feb.]

I make no bones about enjoying seeing a movie star live on stage, but we saw Keira last year in an updated Moliere called “The Misanthrope” and frankly it was not worth the dosh.  What got me over the line for this one is Elizabeth Moss.  C and I are big fans of Mad Men and so have a soft spot for Peggy – and I saw Elizabeth Moss in “Speed the Plow” on Broadway a few years ago (playing opposite Jeremy Piven – this was the infamous show where he cut short his contract due to “mercury poisoning”, allegedly because he had been eating too much sushi).  Elizabeth was fun to watch in Speed the Plow, even in a huge theatre – it’s not always the case that TV actors can project to the back row.  (On TV they can convey so much through their eyes and their facial expressions, since the camera is right there.)  Her character in StP had the same blend of naivete and guile as Peggy, so I’ll be curious to see what her Children’s Hour character is like.  The fact that you have Carol Kane and Ellen Burstyn as supporting actors makes me think it will be a serious, good show rather than just a vanity vehicle for Keira.  (To be fair, KK was not terrible in The Misanthrope, it was the script that was not great.)

Stay tuned for the review…

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