TV: 60 Second Overview

We loved LOST and watched every episode of all five (six?) seasons.  We’ve watched every episode of all four seasons of Mad Men so far.

So far we have not loved Glee as much as we were told we would.  We are for some reason shying away from The Wire, and are currently dipping our toes into Modern Family – really just waiting for Mad Men Season 5 to kick off.

In the past Caz loved The West Wing, and she continues to be a Daily Show fan.  Cabe has watched Twin Peaks twice through and is still amazed how bad the second season was.  Cabe liked Arrested Development also though only watched in fits and starts.

I can’t be sure we’ll add to this category of reviews as much as we will Theatre and Restaurants, but this is to give you a brief sense of our likes to see if you agree.

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2 Responses to TV: 60 Second Overview

  1. Katy Miller says:

    For my money, I love Northern Exposure. David Chase before The Sopranos…

  2. Bret Berlin says:

    As you know, I don’t have a television. IT therefore requires an effort to follow a show regularly as I have Lost, West Wing and True Blood. You didn’t mention the latter and therefore, I recommend it.

    With respect to Glee, I admit it… I am a Gleek. It does feel more like a guilty pleasure than an engaging experience. I can compare it to a food experience in NYC. Have you been to Avenue (Rest in peace)? It was a great little place on 85th and Columbus that had the best “Hot Chocolate” I have ever had… and when I went there, that’s all I had. It was not filling, but rich, silly and decadent. Glee.

    If you are in the mood for intelligent, I like (but do not love) the historical fiction, Boardwalk Empire. It is set in a fascinating time and is interesting, intellectually stimulating and well acted. It does move slowly, however.

    For silly fare, I must suggest Raising Hope. It is a 30 min sit-com that is laugh out loud funny with heart. For me it is a little disturbing as it is strangly reminiscent… ya know, I’m not sure I want to go there.

    I have recently purchased all seven seasons of West Wing and am rewatching them now. Let me know when you need another Sorkin hit.

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