Preview: Seasons’ Greetings at the National Theatre, 6 Feb

I wouldn’t normally go for something being put on over Christmas called “Season’s Greetings” – it seems designed to attract the world’s least creative theatregoers.  (“Then, over Easter, they’ve got something on called ‘The Easter Show’…oh we must see that one too, doesn’t that just sound perfect?”).

However it is a) a dark comedy and b) got consistently good reviews including three stars in The Week, which is not that common.  So I bought two of the remaining five seats available on a weekend during this run (through end of Feb).

Since the last show we saw at the National was Rory Kinnear’s brilliant Hamlet, for 10 quid, it may be a stretch to expect this to be 3.8x as good, but if nothing else it’s always nice to be on the South Bank during a weekend afternoon.  And we will get a chance to test The Week’s ear for comedy.  (Now that I think about it, we were jolted into seeing the Hamlet after The Week gave it a very rare four stars, so they may know what they’re talking about / aggregating the discussion of.)

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